IT Development

We help companies and startups create meaningful mobile experience with their products and services through our design and development expertise. Our goal is to deliver custom-made mobile apps to our clients while enjoying ourselves along the way. We can help if your business is considering to build a mobile application to reach your mobile customers for marketing and customer service

Software Application Development

Innovit USA Inc Team has extensive experience & expertise in designing, developing , deploying and maintaining web applications as per client needs. We have team of experienced & certified IT experts who use latest cutting edge technologies, procedures and techniques to build the custom software.

Application Development Life Cycle:

  • Requirement Analysis .
  • Design
  • Application Development and implementation .
  • Quality Assurance ( including load testing & pen testing).
  • Maintenance
  • App Dev
    App Dev

    Mobile App Development for Start-ups

    Got a big idea and ready to build new product ?

    Our objective is to partner with entrepreneurial teams that have big ideas and a need for expert level technical assistance. Our start-up engagement model provides startup entrepreneurs with an opportunity to leverage our technology expertise and materialize their big ideas into great companies. Our team can rapidly build beautiful, fully functional apps, which you can use to help win pitches and/or with existing clients during the brainstorming process. We handle all your technical needs while you focus on building the product and business. Our mobility developers have the highest level of expertise to build native , hybrid and mobile web applications by leveraging the best mobile web technologies. Our software development teams are well equipped with the best of domain knowledge and project management credentials to help you get your product to market.

    Enterprise Mobility Management Services

    We offer a complete approach to acquiring, integrating and managing enterprise mobility management solution for your business.

    Mobile Device Management (MDM)

    Mobile Application Management ( MAM)

    Mobile Content Management (MCM) & Security Implementation

    We can help enterprises in identifying and implementing the right MDM and Security solutions. We offer the technical knowledge, industry experience and resources to ensure a successful implementation across your organization. We offer professional services and resources in the following areas

    Requirement Analysis

    Vendor Evaluation

    Solution Design & Architecture

    Deploy BYOD, COPE (iOS, Android, Blackberry, WM)

    Security & Policy Management

    Deploy and Configure MDM platform

    Integrate MDM with MAM, MEAP platforms.

    Develop & Automate Processes

    KPI and Reporting

    MDM Training


    Mobile Application Development

    "We can help you in your mobile app development projects. Our mobility consultants have the highest level of expertise to build mobile web, hybrid or native mobile applications by leveraging the best mobile web technologies (HTML5, JavaScript Frame Works), and cross mobile-platform development tools (Titanium Appcelerator, PhoneGap, RhoMobile) that suits to your requirements and your environment. Our mobility consultants can help you identifying the right model (Native or Hybrid) and the right platform to develop your mobile applications as per your requirements and roadmap".

    " Our mobility consultants can help you identifying the right model (Native or Hybrid) and the right platform to develop your mobile applications as per your requirements and roadmap."

    Mobile Testing

    The mobile ecosystem is comprised of diverse hardware, software and network configurations. The mobile industry is in constant flux with new devices, browser and operating system versions being released constantly. This presents unique challenges in application development and deployment, requiring unique quality assurance strategies. We can help you in creating testing strategy; planning and can provide appropriate testing solutions and resources required to your projects. and capabilities to websites and to mobile apps

    Mobile Testing

    Our Technologies & Expertise

    Appcelerator Titanium is the leading platform for cross-platform, native app development.

    Node JSa

    NodeJS is a powerful and lightweight JavaScript framework for rapidly building powerful web applications

    Node JSa

    HTML5 offers powerful features
    Node JSa

    The React.js framework is an open-source JavaScript framework and library developed by Facebook. It’s used for building interactive user interfaces and web applications quickly and efficiently with significantly less code than you would with vanilla JavaScript.